What We do

R&D Investment

Only competitive drug development projects are selected

R&D Investment

Development Consulting


    Bio-pharmaceutical Inter-organization Development and Global extension II

    • BRIDGE program is designed to bridge very early stage drug discovery to clinical development by providing proficient development consulting services and utilizing all the public drug development resources.

    Facilitating partnership Among STakeholders for Advancing Clinical Trial

    • FAST ACT program aims to reduce clinical attribution rate and to increase success rate for clinical trials from biotech and pharmaceutical companies.
    • KDDF provides in-depth consulting services for clinical trial strategies and protocol designs from top class clinical experts.

Business Development and Licensing Support

KDDF funds and sponsors innovative drug development projects from lead to the clinical stage, encompassing academia, reserch institutes, biotech and pharmaceutical companies.
Besides funding drug development projects, KDDF also supports business development, including out-licensing funding for projects and in-sourcing of drug seed from abroad.

  • CPG

    Co-development Partnering for Globalization

    • CPG program offers business development consulting services through professional life science advisory firms. Out-licensing and co-development will be accelerated via global network of KDDF, outreach marketing, valuation and deal strategy.
  • Global C&D

    Global Connect and Development

    • C&D program provides an open innovation strategy, seeking potential drug candidates to co-develop with international organizations via global sourcing.
  • Joint R&D

    Joint R&D Track

    • Joint R&D track is a top-down collaboration model partnering with Multinational Corporation(MNC). KDDF and MNC will interact with each other through MOU to develop and commercialize drugs originating from Korean organizations.